This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.


If i could say one thing about Ireland is that its green.. eternally green. i have never seen so much grass in my entire life. it is simply beautiful. 
The weather could have been more favourable but we did manage to get one lovely day going up the coast and that would be the one day out of all of them that i would want the weather to be nice.
It almost felt like i wasn't in Ireland, i could have easily been on the coast of Australia or California.
The farms went all the way to the beach line for 80% of the way and Ireland has most of their roads, back street roads that is lined with old stone walls which have been left unkept and growing with wild flowers making it one of the most picturesque coast drives i have been on. 
Having that time with my parents was essential.. sure i was still frustrated with some of the things they did but at the end of the day they are still my parents and thats the way its always going to be.
To see them on the very beginning of their journey makes me confident that this trip will do them wonders, will make them stronger.

Dublin- we didn't really see much of Dublin but i cant say i am too bothered, i should probably make my way back there some day but for this trip it didn't bother me at all that we didn't see it.
Kilkenny- Our trip in Kilkenny was also short but we actually had a wonder a round the town, the weather was miserable so it always hinders the things you want to do to an extent. We did wander around the Kilkenny Castle for a while but upon the discovery there wasn't much else to do we continued on our way to Cork.
This was a place that i had heard much about so i was pretty excited to get there.. when we arrived, because we hadn't planned anything it was a matter of us trying to get to the outskirts of town to find a camping ground for the night.
Failure to find said camping ground landed us in the beautiful sea side town called Cobh- Gaelic for Cove where we stayed in my first B&B. The Place was fine, i found the owners a tad annoying or talkative is probably a better way to describe them but i suppose that is the way they need to be in that industry. 
anyway, Cobh was a pretty amazing town, it was the last port of call for the Titanic! which i thought was pretty cool but besides that it was just  a very beautiful town.. as were most if the coastal towns.
The photos will really speak for themselves. Nothing crazy happened or exciting really. it was just a lovely weekend away with my parents who i haven't properly seen in over a's nice to be able to cross Ireland off my list for the time being!


When we first got to Budapest we were quite shocked. The place was very run down, like it literally has not recovered from the wars. Boarded up windows, abandoned buildings, it was really surreal and we didn't really know what we had got ourselves into.
However by the time we got to our hotel- which was lovely, and we had settled in we ventured out into the torn city. The very first stop was the Schexzy Hot springs. 
Apart from the staff being incredibly rude and unhelpful by the time we found the outdoor pools we were very relaxed.  There were 3 pools outside, we chose the 2nd warmest first.. it was the closest one plus is had a whirlpool inside it so it was the most entertaining. 
The weather coming into Hungary was pretty bad, a lot of cloud cover and a bit of a nip but by the time we got into the hot pools, the sun came out to play making this place beautiful. 
Repairs would definitely be needed, paint was worn and cracks were showing but this place when it was bathed in sunlight was amazing. perfect. it was the only way that i wanted to spend the afternoon, easing all my aches and pains in sunlight that has been ever so distant in London.
We had a pretty early rise that morning so instead of making the most of our night.. we went straight to burgerking, grabbed a meal, stopped at the supermarket, got some lollies. eat showered, read our books and went to bed at 8pm. it was exactly what i wanted and needed. a holiday which was an actual holiday.
The next 2 days were tours an exploring. 
Monday was Raining and it made the trip slightly worse. its not the best time when you are cold and wet trying to see a city.. we still managed to get a lot done, Budapest isn't the largest city so a few days there was more than enough to see everything that we needed too.
I would recommended Budapest. It is one of the most beautiful cities i think i have come across.. its only fault would be the reception we got from the locals. The were rude and not just one or two but all of them. Every time we ate out, which was 3 times a day the staff were unpleasant but if you put that aside it was a wonderful trip, the skies opened up once more on the last day and we enjoyed a few good hours basking in the sunlight eating what i can only describe as a cone of heaven. A hot pastry cone rolled in cinnamon. my mouth is watering as i write this.Just like anywhere you need to see it to understand, i can say something is beautiful but at the end of the day you will never know what it was like to see it.. case in point, the Parliament building. a photo will suffice but its something you will need to see for yourself to understand the sheer beauty of it.

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