This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.


these 2 are my family, sisters if i were to have sisters.
they are also in ways my complete opposites
Barbie keeps me sane while Snow (not so) white makes me crazy
sometimes they switch roles and that is the way i like it.

Here comes your van

The Start

The Middle

The End
Alaska to Mexico and everywhere in between.

1 wicked van
2 Girls
2 Surf Boards
2 Skateboards
3 SLR cameras
1 Video Camera (maybe)
1 Polaroid Camera
Numerous disposable cameras
Countless Hitch hikers
Couch surfing
face painting and contact juggling
and 1 Amazing playlist.

the trip that has and will be planned 2 years in advance.
the trip that has no end (for me, maybe for Jaymee).
the trip that is not coming fast enough and will end too soon.

All my single ladies

These 2 making coming home fun.
Jane jumps on my bed and Zoe ruins my meals by adding sweet chilli sauce..

they are my home away from home

It's never been like that

Thomas Mars is the keeper of my heart.
he is the reason i have a thing for guys in Blue long sleeve shirts.
no one can do it better

All this Love

1. This is Jaymee.
2. She is my opposite.
3. We are exactly the same.
4. She lives in Canada.
5. I miss her dearly

It's Alright, It's Like Acid

I don't say much, But I might.

You Ain't Shit

One of my Lady Loves.
She is a Slashie.

This is all yours. You're the owner of this world.

Jump on the Band wagon... and let the wild rumpus begin

Coffee & Tv


On the first Day he created light


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