This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.



i was ultimately fearing going into work today but when everyone else failed i didnt thus making up for the supremely shit job i did last night.
plus $60 in tips is a pretty good way to end a week.

what's that i smell?
I believe that is Californian air.

all that shimmers in this world is going to fade away

worst 4 days of my life.
Influenza  is a bitch when she comes to town.



Blue Valentine

this is going to be amazing.

Shook me all night long


Definitely not my favorite Motley member but it wouldn't have been the same with out him.
Cannot wait for The Dirt on the silver screen.


James Franco's cover for Candy Magazine shot by Terry Richardson.
Love it, love him.
even if he was a transvestite.

I had a little less love for Parklife this year.
I still loved it but there something missing.
maybe for the 3rd year in a row i would have liked it to be sunny like Melbourne or maybe Busy P could have not played Dub- Step for so long or and Missy should have just sung some more.
maybe. just maybe

I crave rewarding

I love this.
I, however have I very strong belief that when you get someone's name tattooed on you or you reference them at all then you are destined to fall apart.
Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson
Heath and Michelle
Matt and Rachel
Amy and Blake
Ange and Billy Bob
the list, i am sure is much longer but i am tired and refuse to think of more.
I really like the thought of making someone last forever and how romantic that is but sometimes it just doesnt work out and then you either have a very painful surgery or explain to everyone you meet that "no his name isnt Jonhnny"

The Distance in your eyes

God  save the queen

Smoke and Haze

You were a marvel, Mr Mercury.

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