This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

Flightless Bird

I went there... and you love it

Sweet like Chocolat

i know, i know.. who doesn't have a thing for Johnny Depp.
but i like to take it one step further and have a thing for Johnny Depp and Kate Moss together.
they should have babies and get rid of their significant others, thats rude but they should.. immediately. (sigh)

I'm on Fire

I really don't think another man could pull off a white shirt like this man

I like Bruce's.
Bruce Scott. Bruce Springsteen. Bruce Willis.

and i am out of Bruce's but these 3 shall be sufficient till i meet another.
(My dad's name is Bruce)

Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker

some how today i managed to get a hold of the above record of Bruce Willis... i didn't even know he had a record or sung.
so i googled him and found one of the songs he sings and turns out he is quite the talent or maybe it's because i have a thing for Bruce in his early years and it has clouded my judgement.
either way..babe

The more I see the less I know for sure.

Was John Lennon my favorite.. i don't know. do i have a favorite? i must, i just haven't found out which one (i know it's not Ringo).
Am I one of those people that declare Yoko split them up? I am.
that is just my opinion, Do i think it was bad? I have conflicting answers, I love The Beatles and the music they created, however i was not alive when all this was occurring and believe that he made some of the most inspirational music outside The Beatles BUT then i could also say that he might not have died so young had they not split up.

I went to Strawberry Fields in Central Park, his memorial right opposite the street where he was shot, and i can tell you it was surreal. In this Huge city that never sleeps and never shuts up, this tiny section of the city was dead silent.

I read how this photo came about and not that i can remember specifics, i do remember Annie Leibovitz saying how this seemed like his goodbye to Yoko, he died shortly after the photo was taken.. to me it's like he knew, you know, he knew that this was his chance to say goodbye and it just makes it that much sadder cause it looks like she has accepted it.

You're a Stone Fox

I am a fan.
now i haven't watched all her movies but i love the ones that i have.
last night i watched Wimbledon and it has sparked my love, i am pretty sure i am very close to busting out Marie Antoinette and Virgin suicides.
Just to prove how big a fan, thanks also to Sophia Coppola and the pure magic that was Virgin Suicides i will name my first daughter Lux, and i don't care what my mother has to say about it... as long as my Lux doesn't share the same fate.

God Bless

I went to the America & Canada mid last year.
The people were friendly (and they spoke english), the exchange rate was pure perfection, everything was cheap, the weather was amazing AND the landscapes blew me away.
I cannot wait to get back.
I have no idea why people have such a problem with "yanks", i understand why people have problems with some yanks but fuck tell me a country that doesn't have some arseholes scattered over it.
Australia has the western surburbs and we all know that isn't all peaches and roses out there.

Give it a go, all opinions aside you could never say walking through the streets of Sydney or Vancouver or Paris is the same as walking through Times Square, week nights are like New Years eve every single night.
i could have stayed there forever and a day, the same being said Los Angeles.
I always said that i could live at either New york or Paris without having travelled there, now however i could easily live in LA, mainly Venice.
that place was magical or something, it just had "it" you know, that something special that made me never want to leave, however a rapidly decreasing bank account and annual leave begged to differ.
If i would suggest anything, and i don't suggest 40 hour train trips often but if you happen to be in LA and need to get to Seattle.. go by train.
I cannot describe the feeling of travelling up the West coast of California, being metres from empty beaches for most of the journey to waking up with the snow capped peaks of Oregon.
it was an unexpected and most pleasing surprise.

Oh baby, just you shut your mouth

I LOVE David Bowie.
Like i LOVE him... for real and uncontrollably.

however i will add that i do not love his and Mick Jagger's cover of Dancing in the street... and his album art for Hunky Dory... there i said it, I am not sorry. it needed to be said and i'll say it again. but my love for Ziggy makes up for the lack of love for Hunky dory

To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die

I don't care what people say, Sydney is a stunning city... you just need to take the time and see it.
and there is no other way then on a hot, lazy sunday afternoon

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