This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

come to the darker side of town.



I am Stubborn.
I am 160cm tall-the same height as SJP.
I don't like Mint and as a result do not like brushing my teeth. but i still do it.
Balloons are one of my Favorite objects.
I scare easily.
I hate sharing a bed unless you are willing to spoon.
I sleep talk all the time. it gets weird when i am calling my flatmates' names in the middle of the night when they just happen to be going to the bathroom.
I am fond of cheap Champayne and White Wine.
I ADORE my Alva Skateboard but have only rode it once since it was made.
I love Rod Stewart. aka The Rod.
I hate Pants.
I am and will continue to be on Team Aniston.
I am a Twihard.
I Love a good movie soundtrack.
I wish i was alive to watch The Beatles perform.anywhere.
I can Knit.
I know that one day you will get yours.
I wish i had a boyfriend that could dance like Jonathon from The Drums or Ed from the Friendly Fires.
I dont like Chocolate Icecream.
I don't have a favorite Beatles but i know it is not Ringo, Sorry.
I want to own a Fancy dress store when i am older so everyday i can be a different person.
I like the American Flag and the Union Jack.
I think every party should be a dress up party.
I hate Bananas.
I don't like it when people walk on the wrong side. it is australia. we walk on the left hand side.
I know i feel more grounded when i can see the Ocean.
I think you should stop and smell the roses.
I believe that Jim Morrison is still Alive.
It is my opinion that Courtney killed Kurt.
I want to know how it ends.
I want to know who would win in a fight between a Grilled cheese sandwich and a taco.
I know today was a good day.
I don't know anything technical about Photography.
I believe in God or a higher power.
I don't believe in Religion.
I want the Wild Rumpus to Start.
I am a huge fan of Floral patterns. on anything.
I am tired.
I want to own a powder blue Mustang.
I want to learn how to surf.
You may not drop the C Bomb when you are talking to me.
I love the Wind.
I need to fix my shower head in my bathroom.
i hate wearing stockings that have no holes or ladders.
I like Vacuming but i hate getting the vacum out and putting it back.
I like driving with my window down.
I prefer things to be white and bright.
I love the way afternoon sunlight is better than morning sunlight.
I haven't watched Star Wars but really want to.
I don't like talking on phones.
I like waking up to a druken text. any day of the week.
I miss my parents.
I miss my Bens.
I liked School.
I hate Cheaters.
I love tattoos.
I love the sound of skateboards on concrete.
I wish my granparents were alive.
I dont like spicy food.
I have no interest making new memories in the Blue Mountains, only keeping my old ones.
I hate Drama.
I know things could be worse but am forever grateful that they aren't.
I hate wearing shoes.
Daisy's are my favorite flower.
I love the sound a keyboard makes when you type.
I wish i was an astronaut.
I know how to be sad, i just choose not to be anymore.
I think New Years Eve is overated.
I wish i had long hair.
I wish money did really grow on trees.
I hate Mr. Big.
I love Jacob Coote.
I love the way your muscles feel after stretching.
I Love Clean, Fresh, White sheets.
I want to be stuck in the middle with you.
I know Love is all i need.

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