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Whistler was fun.
Whistler was interesting.
Whistler made me sick.

Dont really want to do a play by play but we got drunk, ran around with costumes while tackling each other everywhere- parks/hallways, got high, didnt sleep- for many reasons, floated on boats on Lost lake, didnt go on the peak to peak, got taken care of, watched movies, used a dual shower, got a free feed, hung out with a straight edge, did some arts and crafts, learnt that life is highway, played pranks, played the Game of life.
It was a good time.

It was the Midst of Winter, in me i found an invincible Summer.

This lady is killing it.

From the dark side of the street
to the bright side of your soul

this made me laugh

A Sunny place for Shady people

Fight the good fight

just got back from a wonderful 3 days in Victoria.
I loved it there so much. The atmosphere is so much better than Vancouver, i feel like i could live there almost but i also think it was due to all the lovely people that i met when i was there.
We arrived at midnight when they were having a house party. I love house parties, they are one of my favourite things of all time and we towed along with us our long boards so when we stroll into this party full of skaters we were an instant hit. it helps when you don't know a soul in the house.
I meet all of Jaymee's friends and all the girls are super chill and lovely. we purchase some pear cider off a friend and begin the night. 
I met a lot of people and forgot all of their names. We played with a Darth Vader mask, made jame into a Unicorn, boarded down a busy street at 2am. stacked it in a empty car park, attempted drinking games, caused havoc in the stairwell, then did a four way spoon with this creepy dude called Tony before he passed out in the bed and Em had to sleep on the couch.
We wake to a beautiful day and in the sunlight i notice how much of a boys house it really is. Emily lives with 3 lovely boys, Fry Ry aka Riley, Kyle and Jameson. I have my shower and dress before getting to work, the house is a mess after the party and through some weird compulsion i have to clean it. The place looks great when i finish, i found Britt's birthday Tiara from the night before and crown myself queen of cleaning- like i said it is a weird compulsion but i have had so many parties i guess i am just used to cleaning after them plus they are letting me crash at their place so it is a nice thing to do for them.
work is done so we head to Willow beach, a beautiful little stretch with fucking freezing water, no waves and snow capped mountains in the back ground.
We read Tarot cards, Kyle pulls some unfortunate ones, Fry Ry a bit better, play 3 games of tug-o-war, until it took 5 girls to beat 2 guys.. one of them is a lumberjack and i am the size of his leg so it took a while to bring them down, got some freezies, got teases constantly for how i pronounce words, taught Ry some new ones. 
Got back to the house and played catch -phrase, realised i have no upper body strength when Jameson challenged me on the door frame thingy that makes you do chin ups,  Jameson made me some Mac and Cheese, created my own playlist on Kyle's mac called English maid as i introduced myself to Kyle as their new maid when i first met him and he thought i was English, feel asleep listening to said playlist, went to Mcrae's and had amazing Yam fries, Edamamae and wedges, got back and walked to Em's work to meet her, watched the new Angry boys season ( Canadian's love Chris Lilley) and crashed.
Woke up later than expected but headed down town to a raw vegan cafe called Bliss, met a very interesting character call Bronson that worked with jame at organic lives and he entertained us no end, if i had my cafe up and running i would try and convince him to come to Sydney, ate some amazing food and we walked around a bit more before we headed back home to do some research for Jame. Fry ry gets home and suggests going to Mcrae's again. we go and have the same thing we had the night before. amazing. meet a few of his work mates and listen to them talk about trees for a really long time , i fell in love with one of them. god i wish i paid attention when he said his name. got a ride to Britt's, had dinner, watched the addictive hells kitchen, watch Harry Potter. Finally. and loved it. come home and fall asleep to Jameson and Kyle playing and singing music. my new favourite way to fall asleep.
wake up and say goodbyes and head home.
If i could have wanted more from Vic it would have been to be there earlier and not on weekdays or when Em had to work.
Being in that house was so relaxing compared to Vancouver and that is entirely because of the atmosphere. Everyone that i met reminded me of home, of the kind of people i hang out with at home and people that i want to surround myself with in the future. 
loved it.

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