This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

Its just another one of those moments when you wish you were there.

River runs deep

Just quietly... hooked up  with a model last night.

Bed Bugs

I actually love sleeping.
I love it.
but by the time i get to bed i want to do anything but sleep and then wake up tired and needing more the next night till i am exhausted on Saturday.

              SMASH                                            BOOM!!


i think if i could wish, if not for myself but for my parents it would have been for them to be at such an event.

Dancer in the Dark


Kurt Cobain in adolescent fashion blogger form.

House in the middle of the hill

I actually need sleep but as soon as i dont have anything to busy myself with i start to think.
the latest change- i am moving.
We looked at a house today that is amount a 10 min walk away from where i currently am and its great, i get the big room with a floor to ceiling bookcase and fire place, its $10 more in rent but it covers water, electricity, internet, rates, everything and its a house, no more drying my laundry on a clothes horse in the living room, afternoons on the balcony, sun baking in the back yard.
Great timing too, the apartment is being sold next week and then i would have 4 weeks to find somewhere.
but just as i was lying down to sleep i thought my time here at my home with my substitute family, where i have lived for the last 18 months is nearly up and i knew it was happening but these next 4 months are going to be very different.
The end is near and its sad.

A while back I had a thought and it was that "this is it, this is the time".
You're cruising along, loving life and everything in it and then you realize that it has been such a trip and it went so quickly because you were so happy, time flew past and then you stop and notice what has happened and then it all changes.
Not everything but small things and they slowly build up and make it impossible to go back.
its not bad but its not like it was, its just different. before we didnt realize it was happening and now i can see the changes unfold.

but thats the way it goes and if it wasnt this it would be something else.
It is strange to sit back and watch the changes take over. it is inevitable.
but like i said, its just really sad.

I not entirely sure what is up.
I haven't really been feeling myself the last two weeks.
I think there is SO much happening between now and when i leave and i am not sure how to handle it.
in about 3 weeks the apartment i called home for the last 18 months will be sold and i have to find some where to live for 4 months.
I have been focusing on how much fun i will be having next year i forgot what i would be leaving behind.
A year is a long time not to see my friends or my brothers, not speaking to my parents every week or so and have mum worrying more about me then when i am in Sydney.
Next may i will be an Aunty and i wont even see the child- which i  am predicting will be a girl for a year.
hmmm, i don't know.

take the bad with the good.
I should really stop feeling sorry for myself.
it will all work out, even if it doesn't then i know i have a great support system that can get me through it.
i need to stop being such a princess about it.


Right behind you.

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