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The Moment before we kissed was perfect

This girl is amazing. Just got back from her album launch at Notes in Newtown and i cant quite easily say that she gave me chills.. numerous times.
It is so hard to give this girl a compliment as well, she will always sidetrack you and turn the conversation into how good her band is, which is also very true but i am so proud and happy that she has finally come full circle and is about to go on tour to bare her wonderful soul.
She is the same person on stage that she is off. I am glad that she shows that.
so everyone that comes across her can see how very charming and funny she truly is.
My mum and I took turns at taking photos at her gig and i will be sure to post them as soon as mum emails them over to me.
being there made me want to quit my job and become a roadie/photographer for the band, she seemed to make doing something you love look so easy and it gives me inspiration to do the same.
SO if you happen to be anywhere nears these places please drop in and see her perform. it will not be money wasted.

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