This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

I am getting so bad at this!
I lay my plans out every night and this is always in the list but i can never seem to get to it, Jane distracted me immensely but a very nice distraction to have. more on her stop over later.

The job is good. Its nice to be up in the morning with a purpose and know that i have money coming in and also that i learning something and it is so interesting learning the ins and outs of a book publishing company, hopefully i can work some magic and get some free books, they don't publish fiction so they are all basically up my alley. Definite win.

Had a house party also but waiting to get the incriminating photos developed to go with the post but it was a very fun night.

Slowly everything is coming together. The weather is going to kill me and hopefully not literally. My room is the coldest in the house but hopefully that will change come tuesday.. double glazing, it doesnt help that i dont have carpet like everyone else either.

mood is definitely on a high.. come Christmas you may seem me in a new light but right now i am quite content.

till another time where i can find a spare minute...

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