This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

Today was a good day..

How about this week has been a good week...
Firstly its Friday tomorrow, when i was unemployed i used to want that feeling of knowing it was Friday the next day and then the weekend.. i have no idea why.
when that alarm goes off on a Monday morning i really dont want to get out of bed and remember the days when i used to wake up at noon, stroll to Granville or go lie in the sun somewhere, see some shops, buy some things and make my way back to home for when Jame got there or even meet her at work, score some treats and do something random and now its a massive struggle to get out of my warm bed and into the cold house, into some cold clothes and onto the cold street, on the hot tube, into the cold street and to the luke warm office only to repeat later in the day HOWEVER i am enjoying the new job, sometimes my teacher is a bit rude but i imagine she is just as frustrated with me as i am with her.
I get to wear casual clothes, i get good pay and i am 30 minutes door to door so i have got it pretty good.

secondly i got paid today so after forfeiting all my pay to rent last week i can live breezy this week, having 1.63 pound in your account isnt the greatest of times but this evening when i thought i would just double check to see if it had gone through even though i just checked at lunch i was super happy as i would have had to walk home- 1hr10mins mind you... the kicker was that is was raining when i walked out! god i was happy i got paid, making silly noises and doing little jigs throughout the tube station because i was so pleased the gods were on my side.
Got home, made myself a real dinner for a change. good, good day.

Thirdly i got a new door.. doesnt sound that appealing but as i have the coldest room in the house with the largest window/door it is very nice to not see your breathe when you speak.

what else... I finished my scarf - nice big chunky one, i got my photos delivered, i got an appointment for my NI number, I saw Nick, I finished a whole chunk of emails that i was suppose to send a while back, i paid my money to the kitty account, finally received a pillow i brought a month ago from Cobrasnake and i have laughed a lot. mostly at Carlie and MTV.
oh and i finally got a post done, like a decent one, i feel like i havent done this is a while.
So it has been a good week, i think i will be sorting out my funds and savings next week, figuring out when i want to travel and when i will be coming home or when i will go back to Canada.. so much to think about and i am looking forward to going through it all again.

Good times ahead and behind.

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