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You've lost your muchness.

Someone recently told me some very good advice and i am not saying it will solve the problems of the world or even your own but its a good start.
She told me that a person at her work is a recovering Alcoholic and one of the ways that he controls his desires to drink is to replace it.
For instance, he has an addiction to Alcohol but he now replaces it with an addiction to being sober.
Just Replace it.

Has someone pissed you off? replace it with being happy about something else.
Forget the thought, replace it with something that makes you feel better.
kind of like Happy Gilmore, the movie with Adam Sandler and when Chubs (?) tells him to go to his Happy places when he is pissed off with how he is playing.
its like that, just stop the bad thought and put something else in its place.

I think i began to do this, unknowingly,  about a year ago when i went to Melbourne and stayed with a friend who had no need for materialistic things, he had lived there for a year and he bedroom was bare and so was his closet and it struck me as so strange but absolutely refreshing.
He just didn't need it, he had what he needed and that was that.
i think people get so caught up in wanting things they forget that we actually don't need it.
i came back from that trip with a new train of thought and whenever i wanted something a little voice in my head asked me if i actually needed it and turns out that i didn't and i had replaced my need for shopping with my need to not shop
and i found that the same rush you get from shopping can be the same feeling you get when you stop and look at the real picture and know that you don't need it, i felt like a different person.
It is nice to own things don't get me wrong and i have strayed a bit from this but i think living in excess is selfish, you can be doing other things with your time and money.

So now when i am annoyed at work for some insignificant reason, i stop and think about something else that i am excited for or something that will make me happy.
sounds silly but i find it slowly working.

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