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its all over.
but it was a good match, slightly more possesion of the ball by Serbia in the first 45 but we certain caught up by the last 50.
I had complete faith that we could beat Serbia, it would have been a god send to get to through to the next round, it was a hard task to rely on Germany to bury Ghana or vise versa.
in saying that, it broke my heart to see their faces after the match.

The golden era is over, in 2014 some of the older players might not be playing internationally- Chipperfield and Moore have already said that.
I want to think that we will get another 4 years out of Kewell, Neill, Cahill,Bresciano,Shwartzer,Grella- so we can see them not only teach the young players but to make something of the 2014 World Cup.
However now we can focus on the All Whites!
The team that drew with Italy- the World champs.

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