This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

Organised Chaos

So now is the time that i talk about the things that i hate.
I hate Perfume Companys.
I hate Cleaning the bathroom.
I hate that i am afraid of falling.
I hate Rugby League.
I hate wearing pants.
I hate wearing Shoes.
I hate when the battery dies in my camera or when i forget to put the memory card in.
I hate that hats don't suit me.
I hate swearing but i do it anyway.
I hate the C- Bomb.
I hate hearing "we chose someone with more experience". i'll give you more experience.
I hate waking up at 6am.
I hate being limited by money and knowing you can't live without it.
I hate straightning my hair.
I hate Liars.
I hate Lying.
I hate phones.
I hate dirty mirrors and windows.
I hate George Bush.
I hate Beer.
I hate dust.
I hate the old man that stares at me when i run to work.
I hate work.
I hate Guns.
I hate Beiber Fever.
I hate Ironing.
I hate Blue Bottles.
I hate Capsicum.
I hate not owning a car.
I hate that another family is living in my family home.
I hate credit cards.
I hate my dripping shower.
I hate poker machines.
I hate crowds.
I hate my friends being in Canada.
I hate my friends living in the mountains.
I hate that i don't own an Island.
I hate War.
I hate Cigarettes.
I hate spiders.
I hate having to keep records for 5 years.
I hate compulsive buying.
I hate Australian Hip Hop.
I hate that i can't speak French yet.
I hate that when i see my parents next it will be over a year since i last saw them.
I hate School.
I hate when people don't recycle.
I hate Optus and Telstra.
I hate T.V
I hate when i have straightend my hair and it rains.
I hate that i dont have a puppy.
I hate paying bills.
I hate thinking that we are destroying the world.

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