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Australia and New Zealand

My trip back home for the first time in 2 years was not with out its drama.
I cant say that it was a time i will cherish, i struggled for sure.. that is not to say that i did not love meeting my Nephew for the first time or seeing my family or my friends, rediscovering my home with Luke, making sure that he had an enjoyable time.
I think i also need to stop saying that it was such a horrible trip, i need to focus on the more positive aspects of the trip which we plently.

However in saying that i dont really want to go into detail.
We hit the tourist spots for Luke, and me too.
 Lachy's 1st birthday and naming ceremony, Manly beach, icecream, swimming, ferry rides, La Push, a long stop over in Singapore where we got a free tour of the city, seeing chico at the clock in Surry Hills,  the blue mountains, patersaire schwartz, bbq at Ambers, losing my necklace at Manly :( , walking around the city with Amber before heading to the harbour bridge walk, unsuccesfully trying to catch the sunset at the harbour after dinner with Bone and Carlie,  jamboree, drinks at the lowenbrau with Shane and Cuffy, lunch for blairs birthday, heading to Manyana with the family, Aunty Jan's house and meeting addy, Luke trying to catch a storm but not having any luck,  Luke Buying George when i was upset, Luke's attempt at skim boarding, snorkelling around green island and seeing a huge sting ray, drinks later whilst feeing other manta rays an playing football with the dogs on the beach while the sunset, surfing with Uncle Pete, seeing Luke's first Kangaroos, Melbourne, picking up a car and heading to the Great Ocean Road- it was raining of course, Luke booking the wrong day for the hotel, scrabbling to find somewhere to sleep that night! finally getting to a hotel, resting before dressing up for  our anniversary dinner only to buy take away dinner and eat it on our bed at the hotel, up early to drop off the Car, finding Henry and buying him as a friend for George, checking out the street art, checking into our hotel that we booked incorrectly so we could shower and sleep in the middle of the day, heading out to the airport only to be told that the flight is delayed and we have to head back in the morning so we headed back to the hotel at 1am, slept and went back to the airport for our next flight, drinks in Newtown with all my friends, Matt stripping off and dancing around a pole, Mark joining in and then brownie, the finding a bra that matt put on,  aquarium and lunch with the family, Luke's first Mardi Gras with Ben, Danielle and Matt- not realising how long it goes for,  swimming lessons for Lachy, moving shane to a new apartment, lunch with him and his mates,  Coogee with mum and dad before our flight to Nz, staying in a random camping site with the parents,Puzzle world, christchurch to see Aunty Val, Lake Tekapo,Luke getting sick, meeting mum and dad's puppy, playing pool, seeing django unchained in a car, back to Aus before we go up the pillar on the harbour bridge, oxford street, the coke sign in kings cross before dinner at Ben and Danielles' and then one more day at Coogee swimming before leaving later that day,
My main goal for that trip for Luke to experience and love Australia which i think i did.
The trip was different to me, i had to try and balance Luke, Family and Friends.. i dont think i did it very well but you live and learn. Life is adjustments, changes that we dont realise are happening and how we deal with them.
I may regret some of the things on that trip of the way i behaved but i do not think the trip was a waste.

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