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Santorinni- Greece

So my trip to Greece was interesting..  as i was trying to be as cheap as possible i flew into Athens first with a very early flight to Santorinni the next morning which meant a night at the Athens airport. I scouted around for a good sleeping spot, stole a few cushions from a restaurant and bunkered up for the night. 

I fly to Santo and arrive very early, get into a heated discussuion with a bus driver- which was hard as he barely spoke english , about how i cancelled my original trip with their company as my hostel offered free pick up and how he came and got me anyway… i didnt pay the 20 Euros in the end but arriving at 7 in the morning he dropped me on a random corner and of course they dont have street names in Greece so i had no clue where to go.. wandered around a hostel that wasnt mine looking for sign of life.. ended up having to call my hostel instead, they came and got me and i slept on their couch until the room was ready and then waited for the girls to arrive from Ios. 
The girls are hungover and sick. expected.  So we hang out by the pool for a few hours until we decided to head into town.
We book a hire car for the 2 days we are there and decide to pick it up on the way back out before we head it Oia for dinner.
Fira was very small.. winding streets and alleyways on a cliff side, hot, donkeys and tourists everywhere.
We take the cable car down to the bottom of the cliff much to the haste of Carlie- heights aint her thang and then eventually head back to get the car and get ready for dinner.
I heard about Oia and how its sunsets are something every person should do
but so did everyone else on the island. 
We drive out, sing-a-longs in the car, and start our crammed walk to the very tip of Oia for the sunset. We made good timing and i was amazing however i only got glimpes as i was too short! hoards of people- to be compeltely honest the sunset was almost the same as from Fira  but Oia was such a beautiful part of the Island, expensive and luxicious- another memory that brings a loving smile to my face.
We head to get food, jane repeatedly gets hit on my the waiter - give them an inch and they will go a mile/ expect a midnight rendevous after he is finished work.
We all get a god sleep for our day of exploring the following day.
We headed out to the very end of the island, ticking off recommended places as we go along, smoothies and fresh foods along the way.
We camped out at one beach for a few hours however didnt go swiming.. im not sure why now i think i about it, i wish i had though, had a great chat to Zoe about life and then ate an amazing food called Gyros.. bread with feta, onions, hoummos, tzaziki, lettuce and tomato.. i ate 3 more on my stay at Santo.. so good.
We headed back with a few hours left on the rental and decided to head off the tourist path and drove down the otherside of the island, found a beautiful little church, had a photo shoot, did some slut drops and raced the car back to drop off.
Showered, dressed to the Tee and ready for our night out we head to Argo, a resturant recommended by some friends who had been there earlier- we got slightly distracted by the sunset and made sure we took lots of photos before running to our booking.

Had a lovely dinner, went out for a few drinks- one at a aussie bar, standard and then to a club where we got free entry and half price drinks, then to another bar when we could have a bit of a dance off and where Jane promptly got asked to go dance on the stage and gave the people of Greece a taste of her 'sexy' dance.

The next day they head home and i have one more night.
i dont think i did anything significant, hung out by the pool, skyped Luke, watched the football to escape the searing heat and then headed back into town for one last wander, caught the sunset once more before i head home to bed.

Santorinni was one of the places on my bucket list. The beautiful white and blue houses draped along a cliffside, the heat,  the cruisy island life, the food and with my 3 good friends was something i will cherish. 

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