This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

"Oh Hey Friday, How is it going? 
Man, am i glad you came around. We have been waiting all week for you to arrive! Your stay last week was so brief but then Saturday dropped by after you and showed us a good time.. actually i think he's coming again, you should hang around and finally meet him, he is really quite fun, always up for it you know, a bit like you but not as good. See the difference between you two is people are always waiting for you to come around, you are so much more reliable, like we get home from work and you're all ready Drunk and happy, ready to begin, ready to start the party, you know? then Saturday comes really late at night when we are all ready pretty tired but have to kind of hang around for him to arrive and when he does he is SO wasted and hasn't had any sleep and when he finally wants to go home, its like 4 in the morning so you know the next day all he is going to do is sleep the whole day. It's such a waste. Don't get me wrong i am not bagging the guy,sometimes it takes a while to get into the night and you know you can rely on him to help you out and get you hyped,give you a Red Bull or something (illegal)  and most times even he will be ready to go again later after he gets some shut eye, hair of the dog you know? but Like i said man, really glad you have finally got here. I'll see you when i get home from work."

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