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Violet Crumble

So you are going to have to ignore this once you read it because you will think i am stupid afterwards but...

I was listening to The Strokes " you only live once" this morning when i was walking to the station and it is easily one of my favorites so i have read the title many times and of course heard many people say that line and i have also said it when trying to give a pep talk to someone who doesn't want to do something i want to do but for some reason this morning it dawned on me that WE ONLY LIVE ONCE, one life and thats it, unless you believe in reincarnation but then your never going to come back as the same person with the hope that same situation will come around so you can try it out cause you missed out.

I am not going to preach about how we should live every moment like its out last because, well we can't, the world would not function, if we did i wouldn't  go to work and earn the money i need for rent or food so therefore end up homeless and i don't want to live my last moment on the streets. 
there is no point to this small , incoherent ramble of mine, it is ridiculous. I think i just had a Crunchie moment- you know brunette on the outside blonde on  the inside and figured i may as well share it.

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