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The Church

What could i possibly say about 'The Church'?
You hear the stories but you don't really understand, The Church is madness.

It is what it sounds like.. an old church, converted into a club which is only open for 3 hours on a sunday afternoon.
We went for Carlie's birthday/ Australia day.
We dressed up and started the drinking at 11am. Game on.
Every single person is in dress up and they are all drunk, oh and they are all Aussies.
What we all witnessed in that club was something we hadnt before.
There are huge screens all over the place that screen girls in the crowd until they flash the entire club, we had a black male stripper who was the biggest i have ever seen, the boys also go their more than fair share with a female stripper and contests that got girls on stage to bend over and pick up things with their teeth and no hands and strip... Boobs were definitely the flavour of the day and i imagine this is the standard.
Rachel and i thought it would be a good idea to steal peoples costumes... we got quite a loot in the end with 4 hats, 2 necklaces, 1 bandana and a fake horses head... i had to flash and kiss 2 boys in order to get this  and in any other place i would have been embarrased if that is how it went down but The Church is a different paying field where anything goes.
Boys would just walk past you and kiss you to see how it would go.. you cant pull that shit in some places.
Our four hours were up and we decided to watch Man Utd beat Aresnal, we went home and continued the drinking... we all had to work the next day but it was defintely worth it.

So it is fair to say that we cannot wait to go back.

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