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The Grand Canyon State

This is so far away now i can hardly remember. these next posts maybe really crap but so many  things happen in one day it is really hard to remember whats happens when i am not making notes of it all.
We have a beautiful drive into the canyon, the sun was setting and you could see the beginning before we actually got to the park.
We found the first camp ground and set up camp for the night. We were completely unprepared and ate rice cakes with nut butter, coconut and macaroon crumbs with a side of tortilla chips in this tiny space in the car because we didn't have a tent. We watched Closer on Jam's computer and stumbled on a body modification movie she has no idea she had and watched that for as long as we could take it. plastic surgery, tattoos, piercings- entertaining but it was a little bit too much.
I get a horrible sleep because the car is tiny and it is very very cold,we parked in the shade so it doesn't get warmed by the sun in the morning and Jaymee waking me up half way through the night sleep talking about how she needed directions to the park didn't help, i figured if i just talked her through it she would go back to sleep but she eventually woke up mid convo .
Anyway get to the canyon and it is just as i remember, it was better in the way that we could drive around and stop where we wanted and also we got to fly Jaymee's new kite over the canyon and that was really fun.
Pulling into the south rim we asked about a mid ranged hike down the canyon and got on our way. 
The hike was ok, it was pretty much the same view the entire time but it was nice to actually do it this time round.. i complained the entire walk.. standard behaviour on my part but its something i can say i have done and i am happy i did.
We got to the top after the 2 hours, recovered and set off to Sedona.
I am glad that we went to the Canyon, not only for Jaymee's sake because she hadn't seen it,  it was also nice to camp there but because we have seen all these amazing views and places when i come to something that i know is going to be amazing i  got less from it which is a bit sad because it takes something away from the first time i went there, kinda makes me wonder if i was to come back to Zion or anything like that if i would feel the same about them. I hope not.. maybe it was just because i wasn't expecting Zion, i guess i wont find out until i come again. if i come again.

Pushing through to Sedona.
This drive was beautiful and unexpected, as most of them are.
The town is strange. Rich hippies. weird combination. 
We drive down this mountain top with roads like Lapstone hill but more narrow and much harder to concentrate as the view is almost like a mini Monument Valley, unbelievable. 
We get to Sedona just as the sun is setting and it is gorgeous, super nice to see a decent sunset which you would think that we see a lot of but they are really rare.
Have a few dramas with accom but our couch surfer pulls through at the last minute and we head over to his place.
Jim was super nice and we chilled out with Pandora the (most amazing music program in the states that selects music to play when you type in an artists name, it will choose the music based on the structure of the songs so everything it chooses usually fits with your taste, it is amazing and hopefully we will get it soon but i don't think so as Canada hasn't got it yet), smoked a split and made macaroons.
We are slow to start the next day, as most days it seems and have a quick look in town before we head to California. 
New age stores and readings is what this town seems to be made up of.. Jaymee loved it but i thought it was just a bit too much, i don't know how much i believe in that kind of thing so it wasn't really my scene but it was a really nice town, very touristy, very expensive.
The drive into California was hot and by hot i mean hotter than the pits of hell. Apparently Phoenix is the hottest place on earth outside the Middle East and it certainly feels like it.
It is also the only place in the world where a certain type of Cactus grows, you know the ones that look like what you imagine a cactus would look like? good description right? anyway, it was really cool to know/see that.
We get to the border and there came the change...

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