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Fuck Seaside
So a brief but painful encounter with Seaside, California.
Salvador left this earth just as annoying as he came into it.
We were heading up a long and drawn out hill after we had just been driving through one of the most beautiful parts of the states. Highway 101 and & 1.
Coastline all the way, Ocean as far as the eye can see. it was just as i expected it to be. 
We were driving on the beach basically the entire way. The road had been carved from the mountain and just like other stops we had in the states you could see that this was slowly eroding away. 
The ocean as powerful as it is would slowly be washing the cliffs away and although it will be a long time till it happens i am happy that it is something that i got to see but sad that in the future it will be slightly less of what it was that day.
 I cant even show a picture of some of the most beautiful parts because as we were driving up we were on the other side of the road and it was much harder to stop.. or impossible, the roads we extremely narrow and curvy and all the stopping points were on the other side so if i were to drive the 101 again then it would definitely be south not north.
It will be forever carved into my memory.
anyway this long drawn out hill was about 40 minutes before Santa Cruz.. our destination and Sal decided that he didn't want to go into 3rd gear, i have experienced transmission problems on my old car Polly so i knew exactly what the sound meant. We pull over for 5 willing him to get better but when we get back on the road he still wont change, we pull over again and call a tow truck because if we drive any further i know it will fuck everything more than what it is now.
We wait for the tow and think about our options. 
A long story short. We farewell Sal and send him to the scrap yard for $200 and pick up a new and shiny Rav 4 for the last 7 days of our trip. it meant we had to cut it short but at least we had the knowledge that anything that happened to the car would be covered and that it was actually reliable and could get us there.

Fuck Seaside is now how we refer to this portion of the trip.

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