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The Centennial State

After a long day of driving from Laila's we arrive at Colorado about 10ish at night for our very first couch surfing experience.
We are introduced to the whole gang when we arrive, they have 6 people living in this house and people coming and going as they please.
The walls have been decorated by all the past inhabitants, leaving something as a momento of their time there, they have 2 dogs and a backyard full of chickens. they also make their own honey.
In all ways this was a hippie house.
We chatted with Nolan for a while before we got some tips on where to go in Boulder and headed to bed.
The next morning we slowly organised ourselves as we didn't have a huge agenda today and as we got to Sal to head to Pearl st, he didn't want to start.
The day before on the drive up he was omitting a very bad smell that we knew we would have to get checked out but this morning he didn't want to go anywhere so we went back inside and one of the tenants gave him a boost from his battery and gave us directions to the closest auto mechanic store.
After acting liking we would eventually kill ourselves if we attempted to change the new battery ourselves one of the shop workers said he would change it for us , no charge.
That drama out of the way he headed over to Pearl St where we found a Used books store which we got lost in for an hour or so. I picked up a John Lennon book, Gone with the wind and The Great Gatsby and Jaymee got some beat and poetry books,In our haste to get to the store we completely forgot to pay for the meter and we got fined $15 so we ventured on after that to Dushanbe Tea House , a place that Nolan recommended and it was beautiful, the staff were lovely, the food was amazing and the building itself was beautiful, the inside ( pictures below) was shipped over from Tajikistan and rebuilt here in Boulder.
We finished our meal and from the advice of our waitress went to find a close by hike. it was shit bur gave us an overlook of Boulder.
Because the hike wasn't as long as we expected we thought we would cruise around town and maybe read our books in the park for a bit before we head back to Folsom Farm, say goodbye and make our way to Jaymee's friend Claire's house but we found the most amazing store. Kites, Games, Toys. this store entertained us for at least 45 mins, Jaymee brought a Kite and Surface juggling ball and i brought a kaliadascope to use when i am taking photos. 
Getting back to Folsom, Nolan said he would read our Tarot's before we head on. Im not a huge believer but i give in and try to be open minded and i guess that and the fact that i couldn't find a topic to concentrate on hard enough left me feeling less than convinced with the results but that would be my fault more than anything.
After our goodbyes we take the scenic route through to the Red Rock Amphitheatre, a natural amphitheatre where huge acts all over the world come to play. We get lost and also pulled over from the Police. again for not stopping at a stop sign fully but he was very nice and sent us on the right path to meet up with Claire.
We miss half the sunset because of our antics and Claire takes us to a less known lookout spot where her friends are chilling out for the remainder of it.
the view was of all of Boulder and then some, a picture i guess i didn't think that Colorado could come up with and i guess i have learnt you shouldn't expect anything from somewhere you haven't been before.
Sunset was over and we were running late for dinner at Claire's parents house so after her friends gave us some 'treats' which will be used later on in the trip (and i will get to that when it happens) we head to hers for a really good home cooked meal and a baking session.
I leave Claire and Jaymee to catch up for the night and head to bed. 
Colorado out.

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