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The Silver State

Vegas. Vegas. Vegas.
where to begin…  we arrived at midnight, coming into the strip was best at night as one would imagine, Vegas during the day is hot, humid and dull but when night comes around its hot and pretty.
Neon nights.
We roll into Circus Circus, our choice for the stay. it was the cheapest but turned out to be quite good. Super comfy beds, cheap cheap drinks - pitchers of Margaritas for $10 and if we didn't finish it at the bar we could take it away and drink it on the streets.. why? because you can do anything in Vegas.
Day 1- the mission is to find Shoes for jaymee and swimmers for me. I do some research and we find a mall down near Planet Hollywood or something. Jaymee gets her shoes and i get my swimmers.. $20 from H&M plus some other items we clearly do not need but brought anyway.. a dress from Insight, another shirt from H&M.
When we are finished we go walking around the strip but it is so fucking hot we do not last long and find ourselves going into malls just to get the air con.
We head to the car to find the entrance sign to take a picture and a wholefoods store for dinner, on the way there we happen to be done a random street, getting lost as usual and i saw a sign that said Steve Aoki was playing on the 5 th of June. tonight was the 5th of June. Jaymee is straight on her phone to Edward, her connection.
within 1 hour we are on the VIP pool part list for Steve Aoki at the nightclub XS. Amazing. We get ready- in our new purchases and head to the bar. $10 later we are drunk off Strawberry Margarita's and heading a couple of blocks down to Wynn Casino.
Like everything in Vegas this Casino was huge. took us a while to find out where we needed to be to get in and we asked a few people. standard.
Now in Sydney we don't have clubs like they do in Vegas apart from The Ivy, which i have never been and have no desire to go to because it seems like it is full of knobs, So we walk into the 'club' and it is massive with a huge pool smack in the middle of it, there is private rooms, deck chairs, roped off areas and a huge gazebo with a bar attached.. not too mention dancers on the bars in basically underwear.
Edward scored us 2 free drinks each so we get a jagerbomb and a glass of wine and make our way to the front to get a good spot, i might mention that Jaymees shoes didn't last and she took them off, maybe 20 minutes in.. i followed suit not long after.
We get to the front and i don't remember too much. He came on, we danced.
We needed a change of scenery and decided to head to the back a bit, we were walking past the pool and noticed about 10 very buff men in the pool. We go no further.
This was so much fun and i have no idea why people don't have this back home, dancing to steve Aoki in a pool with beach balls and floatys everywhere.. insane.
Just towards the end of his set he questions the crowd.. " do you guys feel like swimming?" and before i know it he has a blow up boat inside the pool and everyone is going nuts.
to think that this all happened because we got lost down a street is crazy and it just proves it is not what you know it is defiantly who you know.
We leave the club at a time i don't remember and start the walk home. i lose Jaymee but continue on home anyway. somehow manage to get to the room and have a shower. don't remember this happening.
Jaymee gets home eventually and remembers that the sun was coming up when she gets to bed.

Day 2
Wake up late. Edward is in contact and invites us to a pool party… we head down to our own pool and get another pitcher of Margarita's for an hour or so and head over to meet him at 3:30pm.
We get lost and we are running late but we finally get there.. after running into some dude that looked just like Jimmy Fallon on the bus.. i really wish i got a photo with him, it was insane how much it looked like him.. anyway we get there expecting it to be a pool party at a club but it isn't. Its Edwards boss' apartment on the strip, well technically it is his rooftop, with a pool that over looks the north end of the strip and has a surface pool.
There is free booze and food, 2 djs and a pool and spa plus all the people here actually know each other instead of a bunch of randoms trying to meet one another, so the vibe is really good.
Edward takes care of us all day and introduces us to all his work colleges and his boss.
everyone is lovely and make us feel welcome.
The whole time Jaymee and I couldn't believe it was actually happening. it was fantastic. 
The party starts to wind down and we have no plans because we didn't think this was going to last all day so we aren't prepared for anything. Some of the people we met invite us back to there place to hang out and wind down the night. 
we are there for a while before Jame starts to fall asleep on me. i make the decision and we head home. We walked.. of course, part of the way anyway and it took forever.. things look really close in Vegas because they are so fucking huge but when it comes down to it everything is really far away from each other.
We crash again after a very successful day.
Day 3 
very boring.
we pack and head to California. jaymee left the lights on when we were driving the first night so we need a jump but other than that we get back to Cali, A OK. 

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