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Church of Noise

So yesterday was slightly out of the ordinary.
I was on the set for The Bloody Beetroots new music video 'Church of Noise'.
What can i say about the song? at first i wasnt so keen, i think i might be getting old because i dont appreciate dance music like i use to but i guess it just depends on the song itself, when they were doing snippets of the song during the day i thought that it was so intense and heavy but when we eventually stopped waiting around for 6 hours.. yes 6 hours we waited around and did nothing except get our makeup done, and we started the actual filming it was a lot better. 
The energy that those guys had when we got to the 'dance' scene i guess was so strong that you couldn't wipe the smiles off all our faces. 
The film clip will be amazing, dim lights, smoke machines, punks.
I cannot wait to see the result.
I dont know if i would do it again but i guess that would depend on the artist, its is a lot of waiting around and i dont even know if we will be in the shot because we left early. We got up at 6:30am to be at the shoot for 9am. We waited for 2 hours before they let us into the studio and then they made us wait for 4-5 hours till we actually did something because the smoke machine didn't arrive not to mention how long it took me to fix my hair after they teased the shit out of it and the time it took to get my makeup off BUT it was a fun experience and i cannot wait for the song to be released.

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