This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

looking forward to the day where i can write something good and something that i am excited for.
I guess things are slightly falling into place, starting to get some temp work and have had a few interviews at recruitment places, have met all the flatmates and we all kind of know what we are after and i know that when the pieces all fit it will be amazing, all the guys are great and i know i will love them all.
what fun is it if there is no struggle huh? could be worse...

A classic post by me that first states how i could be better and how down on myself i am so i try to pick myself up by stating the fact that it will happen and its all about timing.. me and my time.
I guess it's not really about the situation but maybe that if i don't write it down it will drive me crazy even though i have written it on basically every post since i have been here.. which is close to 2 months which blows me away.. like actually blows me away but mostly because i havent really done anything, I went to Berlin, I went to a gig, i have seen some touristy things and had some really good nights out but its been 2 months and nothing much is different apart from a decrease bank account.
i think i am just on edge or anxious to get a place already.

enough bitching for one night? yeah ill leave it at that for a bit.

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