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1st leg of USA

The infamous road trip.

I land in Dallas and attempt to find Jaymee.
She didn't give me any of her flight details and just by chance i remember that she flew in from Seattle so i look for the arrivals from there.
I was beginning to give up when i saw her come through to collect her baggage.
It has been 2 years since i saw Jaymee and it was weird, last time we were together we planned this trip and now it was happening, the time went so fast and who would've  thought that 2 strangers would make the commitment to travel across the states together. 
Jaymee's friend Chris picks us up from the airport and we head to his apartment to try and sort out our trip.
By a huge stroke of timing and luck we manage to buy a car off one of Chris' work mates for $2000 the next day and after getting very lost in Coppell trying to buy supplies for the trip we map out the next month.

1 State- Texas
We pack Salvador( our trusted and new old car) and head up north to Paris to see the eiffel tower.. now the roads inTexas are intense, the highways were built for military purpose not civilian.
They were built so large so if the the country was to get attacked they could get weapons across the nation with ease and by the size of the roads i do  not want to be here when that happens because they are ridiculous and it makes me scared what a weapon of that size could do.
So you can imagine how 2 girls - 1 who hardly drives and 2 who has never driven a left hand drive on the right hand side of the road start their journey.. messy. we get lost and are making u-turns all the time
 When we get to Paris we discover that it's a small town north East of Dallas and let me tell you not a lot happens there but the people were lovely and when we got to the Eiffel tower a man gave us these  tourist-y pins and then tell us of another thing to see in Paris- a tombstone which has a Jesus wearing cowboy boots.. only in Texas.
On the road again we head down to Austin.The weather was horrible. we hit 4 lighting storms on the way from Dallas to Paris to Austin and it was so bad in Austin that we had to pull into the 1st Motel we could find so we didn't crash.
we settle in for the night.

day 1 in Austin.

Austin is humid, hot and deserted for a weekend.
We check out the State Capitol and while it was a beautiful building we didn't stay long and make a haste exit uptown to a place called Soco and we liked it a lot more than Downtown.
Vintage stores, diners, caravans and neon signs.
We cruise about trying to find Jaymee some cowboy boots… the raw vegan girl that is looking for leather… and generally soak up the atmosphere.
For some reason there is a lot of Mexican artefacts in this part of town, we don't know why but it does allow me to pick up a Day of the Dead Skull that i have wanted since Sydney and that i couldn't get in Mexico- go figure plus some beads i can make a necklace with that was like the one i lost and instead of costing me $50 it only cost me $5.
We have lunch in this cute diner and then head to Hey Cupcake! for desert and find Jaymee a vegan cupcake.. a rare treat.
On our last lap of the joint before we head back to the bridge we finally find a store that provides Jaymee with her Boots. Task completed- we  head back only to get lost on the huge highway and because it was like 30 degrees as soon as get off the fucking highway we go to the pool.
nice and refreshed we get dressed and head out to downtown again as we were told about this Bat thing that happens under the bridge every night at Dusk. Thousands of Bats come out from under this bridge for feeding and while i was looking forward to it i guess i expected to see more bats and they were tiny… our bats at home would be like 3 times the size of these ones.
Next stop- The Broken Spoke, the best Honky tonk bar in texas.
This famous bar is known for its dancing and atmosphere and with 2 rooms dedicated to the famous people that have been there it is living up to its name.
We order a drink and get to the floor after observing the locals.
This kind of dancing was tricky and we did not get the hang of it right away but perseverance kind of paid off and we got the hang of it.. its just a  bit hard when everyone is getting dipped and spun around you and we were dodging everyone to avoid collision.
We don't stay long as we have a long day of driving ahead of us the next day but it was definitely a good night.

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