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Day 2 & 3

Day 2 
We wake up to a partially cloudy day and head off to Central Park to explore and get slightly distracted by a swing set 3 minutes in.. this is how that played out..

Jane: Swings!
Tracey: I'm going to get there first and get higher than both of you
Zoe: no you're not! 
all 3 of us sprint to the swings 

continuing through our walk we don't go to any of the places that we wanted, mainly because Central Park is Huge and you can only really understand that if you have been there, there are so many walkways and paths we got lost even with a map.
We eventually found our way out and continued to Broadway, nothing to spectacular happened today we were mainly checking out the place, times square and seeing what we could check off our list of places to see which in the end we didn't.
Went to Victorias secret and brought some very reasonably priced underwear and then to the chemist to buy hair dye and unsuccessfully dyed my hair.
Headed back into town to go up the Empire State at night, its the way that i saw it last time and thought it would be the way that the girls should  see it as well and because we got there late there were NO lines and that was fantastic.
I love that view, thinking that there is 20 million people in that city is crazy.

day 3
This day was a good day and night and i will smile everytime i think back to it.
We went to Williamsburg, one of the places that reminds me of Sydney except better, i say this a lot but Sydney needs a attitude adjustment and it could take some pointers from Brooklyn, i guess physically it would look like Surry Hills or darlinghurst , it was lined with cafes, vintage stores, op shops and flea Markets and the nice Hipsters, who would have thought Hipsters could be nice and not judgemental.
We got the wrong directions to Bedford ave and started in Flatbush, a place where we looked very out of place but after an hour of wondering and asking about 15 people if we were in Williamsburg and or how to get there we ended up on a bus enroute to meet some people Jane had met on a drunken flight to NYC from Vancouver.
About an hour later and still checking the directions with people we passed on the streets we got to the Williamsburg part of bedford ave and i swear i was home.
We meet Sam and his friend Paul at a muffin place and as Zo and I were told to behave in front of Jane's new friends  and hearing that made us want to behave in the exact opposite way but they took us to Beacons closet, a huge warehouse filled with second hand goods.. i instantly love it and not only forget about trying to behave I get overwhelmed and find it hard to concentrate on the task at hand.. shopping.
I managed to settle myself and found a shirt that was like one of the ones that got stolen but maybe better and another shirt that Sam referred to as a "painting smock" but i have a penchant for weird button shirts and this one it right into that category.. i fucking love it.
The boys walk us to the Subway and direct us to the Yankees game and a short train trip later we are at Yankee stadium and our first Baseball game.
Its cold, drinks are expensive and the Yankees are not winning but we have the best time. Jane and Zoe seem to get drunk a lot faster than i do drinking their $11 beers and I to try and deal with the high dude hitting on all of us who now was creeping  on me because jane had moved to another seat and claimed she was Zo's lesbian lover so he would leave them be and because they were getting super drunk they were in their own world and i was not going to stand for it.
I bought a beer. I hate beer but they were large and i needed to catch up with the girls and be free from this dude because at this point he was touching my leg and even though i told him i had a boyfriend who Jane and Zo said was Asian and they were laughing so much i had to tell him they didn't like said boyfriend to hide that he was fake.
Despite my bitching about Beer i didn't mind it and i can see Zoe's and Jane's face if they read this.
Jane doesn't like the talent around our seats and we decide to move over closer to the pitch and start acting worse than before and quite possibly piss everyone around us but my god we were loving it and before you know it the Yankees lost and we had to leave.
We were  to drunk to go home plus it was only like 10pm so we got on a train and decided to ask anyone for tips on where to head out and got off on 82nd and headed down a few blocks to the first bar with men in it.. that is honestly how it went down.
We get some drinks and discover a Beer Pong table, the girls haven't played before and because i am Beer pong queen we get in line to play.
We get paired to play these 2 guys and we do pretty well, they only just beat us as we were 1 cup to 1 cup with us trying to pull all stops to win i.e showing cleavage, which is really easy with Jane and Zoe on your team.
I cant remember his name but one of the guys asks Zo during the game if we smoke and as soon as i hear that i immediately enter the conversation, turns out the guy lives a few blocks away and has some weed and says we can go back to his and smoke it on his roof top.
This night just got better, heading back to a rooftop apartment to smoke a doobie in NYC.. this shit doesn't  even happen in Sydney.
We get back to his place and because it is a thursday night we are told if we make any noise and wake his roommate we wont get anything so sure enough as soon as we are inside we are like fucking mice and he was even impressed as the walk to his place was just like to Baseball game… loud and annoying, we even brought an open container from the bar onto the street.. illegal, so he was freaking out a bit but we proved ourselves.
We got some more alcohol from his apartment and went to the roof.
This was awesome, he rolled the blunt and we smoked. 
Now we were very drunk and compared to Australian weed this stuff was strong so when i inhaled i was fucked, it felt like there was fire in my throat and i was incoherent, could not function.
Jane was also out of it, she started to get nauseas and we had to get out of there, this is where it got weird.
Jane said that we either crash there or we leave, hearing this the guy got creepy and i guess expected it to turn into some foursome.
We had to bail but not before Jane spewed in his toilet, he was pissed as he didn't even get a phone number out of it but at least he will have a good story for his buddies around the water cooler at work.
We decide that there is noway we remember how to get back to the Subway and catch a cab, best decision we made all night

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