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Peru, you're a mother fucker.

Alright, lets back track this adventure i know as Peru.
Day 1
Arrival - the way to the hostel was weird, i guess but only because i didn't know what to expect.
it looked really poor on the way to Lima but when you get closer to the city  it gets better.
As soon as i had checked in i went on the hunt for food and to my delight it was a lot easy to do than in Brazil, walking in the streets  i instantly felt more safe and it was a lot cleaner than any part of Rio i saw, even in Leblon- the wealthiest  part of town.
After the success of finding fresh fruit and a decent supermarket i went to the closest travel agent and booked Machu Picchu!
2 hours later i was done and headed back to sort my shit out.

Day 2
i leave my backpack at the hostel and head towards the bus station for my very long journey to  Machu Picchu.
20 hours later i arrive in Cusco, i get picked up and taken to a collectivo station- where a mini bus will taken me to Ollantaytambo.
1 1/2 later i arrive in the cutest town imaginable but with this cuteness also came boredom, i waited 5 hours for the train because there wasn't anything to do there except see these ruins but i didn't want to fork out 70 soles to do it so just waited till 7pm instead.
At 7pm i caught a steam train to Aguas Callenties - the town below Machu Picchu, we arrived at 9pm, i had a hot shower and crashed into bed.
Day 4- didn't realise that check-out was so early and got kicked out of the hotel.
Started to wander around and thought for sure that there would be signs leading to this place.. apparently not, i asked 4 people before i got on the right track and because of that i was running late and thought it would be best not to walk up the mountain and just catch a bus..
Well thank christ for that, this mountain was gigantic and there is no way i would have made it and once you start to get up you're not turing back around to get a bus because its a long enough walk to get to the base of it.. so i was glad i decided to sleep in so late.
25 mins later we arrive and it is better than you could have imagined, you actually cant describe it.. i have no idea how these people managed to get all those rocks up the mountain for one but to then create this city is unthinkable, some of the walls are right on the cliff faces and to actually get the walls so solid is a marvel.. 
After my few hours of walking the last part of the Inca trail and tanning i might add, i headed back down to the markets the locals have in Aguas Callenties and brought a some textile while i waited for my train.
I get back to the hotel and discover i have a TV.. i haven't watched TV since mum and dads and i am so excited AND they have channels in english.. i am set up for my night.t
Day 5- I have a few hours before i get picked up and taken to the airport so i make my way around the main square and unbeknown to be there is a parade on, kids are everywhere, assuming this is  school things as they are all inform and doing marches and what not, i have my fill of that and walk around a bit more till i find another parade but this time it is mainly tribes(?)  in there traditional outfits, singing and dancing and this made my day to actually see them all dressed up was really quite cool, Cusco is very traditional and cultural and i saw more in these short hours and have in the rest of my time in Lima.
I fly back to Lima..
now this is where is gets shit.
i return to the hostel with the chick not knowing where my backpack is, she fluffs around for  a bit and then tells me the manager will be back in an hour so i go for a walk and try to block out the thoughts that my bag got stolen, i watch a beautiful sunset and unlike a sunset i have ever seen before.. in Peru there is this mist or fog or maybe even pollution (which i highly doubt) that hangs around all day, it doesn't block the sun and it is still a beautiful day but the sky is not clear so when the sun is setting instead of it being boring because of the lack of clouds is it so much more and it was amazing..
anyway i venture back and long story short, the day i left they didn't put my bag in storage, it was left out for 10 hours and at 10pm that night 5 men with guns came in and robbed the joint, laptops, passports, phones, wallets, bags and my very own backpack.
I cried and i don't remember the last time i felt this bad or helpless, there was nothing i could do.
I lost everything except 3 days worth of clothes
-my laptop
-my hardrive
-jewellery - some things i had from my parents, my 18th birthday bracelet -custom made
-my olympus
my life really
i had to file a report and try not to play the 'what if' game.
i am still devastated but i am safe and alive, i have my health and all my money and at least one passport so its not completely fucked.
Day 6- i write down everything that i had in the bag and try to figure out where to begin, file my report and buy some basics.. toiletries, underwear. try not to cry
Day 7- i get a reimbursement from the hostel, pack my tiny bag and set out for the airport to leave my life behind me.

So what did i learn from Peru?
- sometimes places are deceiving, Brazil i was worried, Peru i was not and it turns out that was where i needed to worry.
- they also are not good drivers
- We have it pretty good at home.. we are not living in mud huts and working like dogs to live, maybe next time i have a cold shower or i cant access the internet  i wont be such a child about it.
-Peruvians are not used to short cut-off denim shorts.
- So far the most cultural place i have ever been
- Peru is a beautiful country with beautiful people.. i just cant understand a word they are saying.

So i leave Peru a little lighter, slightly heart broken and a little lost but just as i was in the taxi to the airport- in and out of trying not to cry a Beatles song came on the radio "  Ob-La -Di Ob-La- Da" and just as the chorus came in the words were ' Ob-La -Di Ob-La- Da, life goes on ' and i smiled at the timing and thought i still am me, i am still living this dream of travelling, i didn't lose a limb or a friend or a family member.. so yeah life certainly goes on.

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