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New Mexico

The Enchanted State

We leave fairly early to New Mexico because we know that it is a long drive and it certainly was.
We drove for 11 hours.
Once we are in the car, not much is happening. We fill Sal with Gas, stop to change drivers and take a few photos, When we get to Plains, a tiny town just before the border of Texas and New Mexico i get pulled over by a cop.. it could have been doinf many things, speeding, using my iPod while driving or taking photos while i was driving as Jaymee was asleep and my side of the car was giving my quite a show so i had to get evidence but in the end this small town cop had nothing to do but pull me over for only having one number plate, in America some cars do not have 2 plates and only travel with one but in Texas it is law to have both.. i was a few miles from the border and he just needed to pull me over.. anyway it was just a warning and we found it pretty funny that i was pulled over like 3 days in.
We eventually get to Roswell and stop by a UFO store for a quick stretch and look around before we get back on the road to Albuquerque.
We get in about 9pm and we are ready to have a drink and a shower. We are crashing at a friend of a friends, her name is Laila and she is an artist who is housesitting.
When we move our things in she shows us around and all the paintings that she is working on which i have included in the pictures
we were invited to a 'friends' place for drinks but Laila invited some people over so we decide to have drinks at hers. We have a really cool night, playing pool, drinks, taking about movies and my Australian accent and to tie it all we light a  splif  BUT this time around i am not wasted and limit myself to 2 rounds so i don't pass out.
End the night considerably wasted and get into bed at 4am…
Day 2 in ABQ was good and bad. woke up drunk. go back to sleep. wake up and have a shower ready to head off for the day and Laila is running super late for work because of the late night drinks and in her haste she collides with Sal the Sunfire and knocks the bumper off the back. he is in a bad way and at first i laughed but then i realised how bad it was, he was not road worthy and as you can imagine we had no idea where we were let alone where a smash repair was so i wasn't too happy but Laila rang us back with news that he dad worked at a shop and could fix the car that day so we carefully drive him over and he drops us at a mall so we can hang out till he finishes the work and i guess the good thing about this situation is that we have the opportunity to set out our maps for our trip up to California.
we plan everything down to a tee and it will make life so much easier when we get started.
Laila picks us up and the car still needs a taillight and can only get done tomorrow so we go home and Jaymee, Laila and Peter go for a Hike.. which i should have gone on but i was wrecked and wanted to reply to some Couchsurfing emails.
They get back and we cook an amazing dinner.. and by we i mean everyone but me although i did do the washing. They cooked sugared Salmon with Quinoa, lettuce, carrot, tomatoes, baby spinach, apple, walnuts and Jaymee's homemade salad dressing.. it was so good.

Next day we wake up waiting to here from Laila's dad about the car and when we can pick it up, Hanse picks me up and i get Sal to get back to our trip.
We drive through the day to Colorado.

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