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Day 4 -9

day 4
Tourist day today, we wake up less than fit from our adventure last night and head towards Wall Street.
We hit up the Charging Bull, Wall Street, Ground Zero, Trinity Church, Century 21 (to hard to be in that place in our state), head to Soho for Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes - amazing but the ratio of icing to cake was way off, MoMA for free- which was also hard to do in our state and then after taking turns in Piggyback rides we head to the movie theatre to watch 'Bridesmaids'.
HILARIOUS. The movie was packed and we didnt get to sit together but it was so so funny, i fully recommend this movie.
That summary was brief but it was true to the point.. we were not on top of our game and were basically making fun of Hipsters and Indies all day.

day 5 
The weather hasn't really been good to us when we have been here but today was freezing and it happened to be the day that we head to the staten Island ferry.
Excellent, cold weather and water.
Next stop was Grand Central Station and then to the Guggenheim. When i was here last time the Gallery was going through renovations so a lot of it was closed off so this time was much better plus we got there for 'pay what you want' hour and i paid $5 to get in.
After the exhibition we head home so we can get ready for our night.
We get dressed up and go to dinner at like 10pm.. which seems late but in NYC everyone heads out really late,  we get to a cosy little restaurant near Columbia University and have a lovely dinner, the verdict being that i made the best choice for dinner- Gnocchi with caramelised Onion, Spinach, mushrooms and Truffle oil. 
It was SO good
Saving for 2 years makes you forget how much fun a nice meal and drinks with your friends can be, being able to chat and not rush.
After dinner we have no idea where to go so we start asking again.. an Irish man on the train leads us to the East Village, we get there and run to more people telling us to go 15 different places.
We end up at this place called Beauty Bar, which was a pretty rad place to go. it was styled like a 50's hair dressers and the people there could not be more mixed- Punks to indies, gays and anything in between.
We didn't spend much time there as we were all in agony from our heels so we venture down the road to a bar and get another drink before we head home as all our feet are dying a slow death.

day 6
Due to the alcoholic beverages the night before we are slow to start and i use this opportunity to run some errands. 
I leave the girls and head to Soho to try and find some Karen Walker Jewellery and try scan my Insurance forms… doesn't work and i fail on both counts.. but i do enjoy my cruise around  Soho and Noho.
I get back around 4pm and we have a quiet one.

*The past 7 days will be engraved in my mind forever, it is very hard to find people that you can live with 24 hours a day and still manage to miss them when you are not with them.
When i went to Soho for a few hours it was nice to get out of the apartment and be by myself but as soon as i was gone i wished they were with me. 

The weather has got progressively worse and today it is raining.
We head back to Williamsburg to try and make up for what we missed the other day but because it was cold and raining we just tried to find a nice place to have lunch and get warm.
We ended up at an all Organic Cafe called Ella.
When we went out the other night it was really difficult to find somewhere good so we figure we would try and source a place to go when we were over the bridge, our waitress gives us a few tips and we do some research at home so we have some backups just incase we find some shitty places and as all the places in Williamsburg do not look like bars from the outside research was essential. 
We head out in the rain again- lame- to a bar called Alligator Lounge for one main reason. you buy a drink you get a free pizza.
ludicrous i know, the pizza's were only small and you had to pay for toppings if you wanted them but its free so you cant go wrong AND its not like a free pizza for your first drink, its every drink.
We got there in good timing as it was trivia time.
The last 2 rounds were left and told the guy that we may need to be paired with others as we don't really know american trivia but he assures us that we will be fine and it wont be an america focused round.
Round 3 topic- Colorado
He apologises to the Australians and we attempt to play the game, some answers were clearly wrong- the mascot for Colorado is not a Polar Bear, go figure and their home stadium is not Madison Colorado Square garden but we killed it when we got to he hairstyles round and considering we only played 2 out of 4 rounds we didn't come last.
After Alligator we go on the Search for 'Night of Joy' but upon discovering the place it was deserted we walked straight back out, Luckily we were in contact with Sam and Paul and they were heading to a place called Union Pool… we had no idea where this was but as we were crossing the road to ask directions we discovered that we were asking directions out the front of where we needed to be.
Union Pool did not have a Pool table in sight but was a Country and Western bar, We settled into a booth and soaked up the vibe that was a mix of old, young and Indie.. 
The boys arrive and we head to another hidden part of the bar where the band Reverend Vince Anderson and his love choir were playing and i swear when i closed my eyes it was like i was in NO again. I really enjoyed that part.
We stay for a while and I got considerably intoxicated, i don't remember leaving, getting home or much else but Jane was the responsible one and got us home safe and sound.

day 8 
Urggg… horrible day. raining. hung over. horrible.
We head out very very late today and make our way to 72nd street aka Strawberry fields in Central Park, we roam around for a bit and give up on trying to find the Carousel as it is freezing.
Not much else happened, we tried to get Jane a iPad 2, we were unsuccessful and then we got dinner and went home.

day 9- 

Waking up today was sad. 
My trip to NY was one of the places i was looking forward to the most and now its over.
I felt like i was there forever but it went so quickly  and i know i said this about New Orleans and i imagine i will say it again when i get somewhere else i love but if i were to move anywhere in the world it would be to  Brooklyn, it reminds me of sydney and the more I think about it the more i want to make it happen even for a short time but i do want to make it back there this trip.

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