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The Beaver State

Redwoods and Portland.

The further we drove away from Arcata the better i was feeling.
We left real early as we had another long drive ahead of us and we wanted to actually stop and explore.
It was turning into another beautiful day, We found a info centre for the Redwoods and got some tips on the best places to go, most of the roads were shut so a lot of the trees we actually count see but we managed to get a short walk into the rainforest and i am so glad we did.
To explain the hugeness of these trees would not do them justice. You will never understand how large these things are until you see them for yourself. Constantly craning your neck to try and grasp the size of them but still not seeing the top as there are too many and too high. Hi Tree. it was amazing, you felt like the size of an ant. I felt so young and unimportant, these trees had there own ecosystems, they had seen so much over the years, it was crazy but they felt wise or something.
It was the shortest walk but it felt like forever because all you want to do is look at the tops which is made difficult with all the roots.
We tried to find the largest tree along the way but i think the road was closed, we were happy with what we had done anyway so we continued our journey up.
Portland was a big city. bridges coming out the wahzoo, Sally our GPS was being a bitch that afternoon- as always and she took her time directing us the right way.
We got to the new Couchsurfers house after getting supplies for dinner again about 7ish.. Laura was a nurse and worked a double shift so her roommates showed us around and chatted as she was sleeping.. which was fine by me. In this last lag of the trip, being so close to home it was nice not to have to explain everything that has happened on the trip. sure its exciting and we saw so much but after repeating it for 5 or 6 times its really draining not too mention we would have to do it for a good while when we get back to our homes so for Laura not to come out and entertain us was really nice. we sorted out how we were going to to get across the border and all the things we were going to try an get done in the few hours we were going to be exploring for tomorrow.
Just as we were settling in to get some sleep she finally wakes up and feels guilty about not hosting us so we have to stay a bit longer to chat.

I gave us till 2pm to get to Seattle, its only about 3 hours away so it was nice to see Portland.
First stop was Powells Book Store. 3 levels and it basically took up a whole block. to say it was huge would be a massive understatement. it had everything you could, would and should ever need and it wasn't all new, most the books were used so i got a huge Paul McCartney book for $14.. unheard of and i also picked up a book i had read previously in Australia that has the short story by John Lennon to Yoko Ono that i am basing my Cafe's name on, Jame picked up , like 15 books. We officially had a library in the back of our car and it was not going to be a good time getting this shit back to Vancouver.
At the house we got told to visit Hawthorne, so this will be our last stop in Portland : (
Upon looking for this place we stop at some lights and see a vintage store. i pull into a car space and we spend the next 40 minutes in here, i leave with a new Beanie as i had lost mine in San Fran ( i then lost the new one in transit from Seattle) and Jame gets some clothes before we head back to the car and get distracted by one of the most amazing store we entered on the entire trip.
It was called Smut. It had knick knacks, clothes, records, postcards, books, bags and just crap really… it was amazing and we actually would have spent another hour in there and i had to force us to leave as i wanted to buy everything. In the end i picked a shitty Beatles book for $2, 3 old Playboy magazines - something i waned to collect in australia but its too expensive and all these 80's trading cards for like a $1 a packet ( i found the same things in Van and they were $4).
I made a vow to go back there in my life.
We get to Hawthorne and get something to eat.  We walk past one of the hottest men i have ever seen on this trip or even in the last year of my life.. he was soooooo hot.. anyway.
Portland was a really cool town, it was pretty and surrounded by water, a huge criteria of mine, the people were attractive and seemed very laid back, We weren't here long enough to get a better impression but it defiantly left its mark and im glad we got to at least explore for the short time that we did.

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