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Vegas again

I couldn't say that my trip to Las Vegas was better than last time. It was a completely different experience with a very different crowd.
My flight was at 6am and due to some bad habits that i have picked up in Canada i didnt go to sleep until 1:30am so when i set my alarm for 4:30am my body kinda didnt want to wake up, i chucked my phone aside and continued to sleep.
7:00am rolls around and i wake up. i was so pissed at myself, i cant believe i woke up and went back to sleep. idiot. i sat there for a while until i made the decision that i didnt want to just got back to Vancouver so i booked the earliest flight i could, a first class ticket on the 9:55am flight and treated myself to a Vodka and orange to start the party.
I land about 12 and get to the MGM about 1pm, i head to the room and drop my stuff as the rest of the group is already at Wet Republic.
Wet Republic. how can i describe this event...
jersey shore try hards. grinding. superman poses. the dirtiest water know to man.
sex in the pool. top 40 music. splashing and an all round good time. we were in that water for 5 hours before it was finishing up.
we were all wasted when we headed back to the room to scrub ourselves clean before we made more drinks and headed out to Old Vegas in a limo.everything is better in a limo.
From what i can remember this place was pretty cool. it was like a huge warehouse with a street built through it and casinos off the streets. We stayed for a bit but we had to get up early for our reservation the next day so we headed home around 2:30am.

An early rise on Sunday for Rehab, we had to be there at 11am so they didnt give away our cabana and charge us the minimum of $2600.
Rehab was at the Hard Rock Casino and that place was amazing, it was far from the strip but they memorabilia they had was amazing. slash guitars and outfits, Pearl jam surf boards, photos etc. i loved it and the music was much better than Wet Republic.
So we had this huge minimum that we had to drink away so when we get there we are introduced to our waitress and we get things started. $475 bottle of Grey goose was heading our way.
Having a Cabana was the best way to do it, we had our own area to keep our things and anything that we wanted we got from our waitress. There was a water slide, in water black jack tables that i happened to win $125 at, water falls,spas, a beach and combined with 10 other amazing people it was the best day.
Rehab finished at 8pm so we are all wasted before we try and gather our things to get back. I wanted to take photo's so me and browne lost the rest of the group.
Home. shower. pre-drinks( like we needed anymore). blow. limo. Bellagio. shots. taxi. Harrah. drinks. Marissa's anxiety attack. losing Marissa. taxi. bed.

woke up in a less than desirable state and head down to the Grand Buffet where i felt even worse after eating, probably due to the fact they had all kinds of shit to eat. roast pork and mashed potatoes at 11am is so gross.
After breakfast we walk the strip for some reason i am unsure. it was like 40 degrees and we were heading to Caesars from the MGM which was a a huge walk but we didnt meet an interesting man called Kotton Kandy..
We checked out Paris which was amazing inside and then headed to Caesars which was also pretty spectacular. Aquariums. fountains. statues. very extravagant.
A group decision is made and once we get back to MGM we head to the pool.
swim. drinks. hot tub. swim. home. shower. head back to Caesars for a lovely dinner with the boys, the girls had left the night before. Planet Hollywood for $1 drinks and $5 jagerbombs. mechanic Bull ride. bellagio fountian. Slushies. limo. Strip club. 3 lap dances. 3 motorboats and the most hilarious skype call.
I got an hours sleep that night before i had to catch a 9am flight out of Vegas.
3 days later and i am still trying to recover, the boys were there for 8 nights and i have no idea how they did it.

So Vegas again was exactly what i wanted it to be insanely fun and such a mess. 
I loved hanging out with boys again. i forgot what it was like and while i did hear things that i didnt need to know a few times it was nice to be around them.


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