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Ben and Danielle

* I forgot to post this after i left them.

i kinda thought for some reason that i was done with my goodbyes. i didn't even think about saying goodbye to Danielle and Ben because i would be seeing them in 6 months but i did have to say goodbye.
I was present at their work farewells and watched them say goodbye to their friends and thought i was in the clear but i was not and i didn't want to leave them.
I am happy for Ben that he gets to go home but i wish i was there to celebrate with him and i am excited for Danielle to start the next part of her life in my home country with one of my best friends but i wanted to be there to help her settle in.
I cant believe that they are making their journey to australia so soon, 2 years went so fast. it was so bizarre to come here and see them together because when i left them they only just got together and now they are so adorable and i love seeing 2 of my favourite people together.
I cant wait to get back home and see them again.

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