This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

I don't think i stop missing home, i am always completely aware that i am not in Sydney.
and this is what i miss.

I miss La Push.
I miss u29.
I miss OAF.
I miss my brothers.
I miss Barbie.
I miss Bone.
I miss Benace.
I miss Danielle.
I miss Soph and Mads.
I miss Mark.
I miss Vlad.
I miss Fran.
I miss Browne and Mel.
I miss Snow white - even though she wont reply to an email and i put her last because of this. tough love.
I miss my mountains people
I miss Sluzz Hillz.
I miss my Doona. 
I miss Randwick Sushi.
I miss the Harbor.
I miss Mumu.
I miss consistency.
I miss my wardrobe.
I miss a steady income.
I miss good tap water.
I miss the Beresford nights and that one time we went at 2 in the afternoon.
I miss the hugs and kisses.
I miss Bunny.
I miss movie nights.
I miss the hangover hangout.
I miss the 'lets go get junk food and hire movies even though it is beautiful outside because we are hungover/still drunk' sunday's.
I miss that the days are generally beautiful over there. i take it for granted.
I miss getting lost and finding something new.
I miss Frankie and Russh.
I miss Michelle.
I miss Cuffy.
I miss taking the mattress out by the pool on a saturday and having a few drinks.

Literally don't know why i just did that to myself.
lets do a rebuttal?!

I don't miss waking up at 7am.
I don't miss walking to and from work.
I don't miss a shitty transport system.
I don't miss being in the one place all the time.
I don't miss Hamilton Island. well some of it.
I don't miss being broke from saving.
I don't miss the price of clothing.
I don't miss being tired from working 2 jobs.

and i am sure there is more that i don't miss however i cannot be bothered to think about them right now.

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