This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

Our relationship was short and fleeting prior to the trip.
We had known each other for maybe 4 days in total and most of the time we were drunk so there wasn't much bonding happening but i guess there was enough to make this happen.
One night in Melbourne and 2 years later it began in Dallas, Texas. 
2 Skype calls in-between and countless emails was the extent of our relationship.

This crazy, vegan, gypsy girl was my good luck charm, she seeps it . She got the car contact, she got the Vegas contact, she has a openness that i have never really experienced before.
For someone that has gone through so much in her life, so much that if it happened to me i don't know if i would have the strength to carry on, she makes you want to be around her, she is excited by almost everything that she does and sees, its almost childlike. She wants to see the world and she wants you to be there with her when she does it. 
We didn't fight. We didn't bicker- unless you count our last night together when we got into a fight about shoes and bare feet and ended up storming away from one another only to be reunited 10 minutes later before she got in a fountain at 2 am..
We laughed. a lot. 
She wants me to try new things and sometimes i do, something that i didn't really do in the past which i am trying to get better at.
Sometime we disagree but thats healthy, people cannot always have the same opinions about everything.
She is my opposite. I don't like poetry. She breathes it. I love music. She isn't fussed. I need space, she works with clutter (something i am trying to change). I love cheese and Fish too much to be vegan. She is a raw vegan..she is crazy. i hate exercise and only do it when i am trying to avoid public transport. Jaymee will wake up after 4 hours of sleep to bike to Boot camp, Yoga and then back home to shower to bike back to work again. She likes to expand her mind in a illegal way. I think its illegal for a reason. 
leaving her was hard.
She is so "Up there'"and i am so '"Down here'". " Just get on your back, Seriously.. I am right here, just get down here"
So we are  very different but we work so well together. She is such an amazing travel buddy. Us on public transport is bizarre, its like we are instantly drunk or something and we become ridiculous. i love it.
cars, buses, boats. anything we just go weird.
A reunion date is about to be made. Burning Man 2012! Epic times ahead, also a road trip around Hawaii, Aloha indeed.
i don't know what i expected out of this but i know we have both got more than we had ever imagined.
Quite simply, I love her and leaving Jame was really hard. 

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