This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

Canada Eh?

I feel like i need to do dot points. 
Vancouver was different. I was in one place,  a place i called home for 2 and a bit months, slowly exploring and understanding the city.
I love Commercial. The vintage stores there are amazing and are taking all my money.
Stanley Island is beautiful. Huge. Vast. open fields. 3 beaches. one big forest. 
Wreck Beach is an experience. a very fun and unique experience.
Kits is a very nice place to reside for 2 months. close to downtown, close to the beach.
English Bay is a great place to lie down and watch the day pass in the sun.
Granville gives me my American Apparel/ Urban Outfitters/ Mega Bite fix.
I don't like Robson.
Main has some rad vintage stores, my hairdresser, a skate store that employed a very attractive man and a block over has a really good Raw Vegan restaurant called Organic Lives that will be taking over the world.
The Seawall is a great way to spend a few hours by the water blading or biking, making it fun but doing all the exercise you need to do for a week.
The treehouse mostly held good times, other times i felt awkward and  sarah was bitch.

I have long boarded down a 5 story car park at midnight.
I went to karaoke and sung at least 2 songs. both duets. You will always be my baby by Mariah Carey and Build me up, Buttercup by the foundations.
I went to a Nudist beach. 
I saw a lot of old man penis.
I tripped balls when i did Mushrooms in Stanley park.
I have sunbaked. a lot.
I have shopped. a lot.
I was vegan for 4 days.
I slept a lot.
I went to a televised talent contest.
I went tubing down a very shallow glacial river in a child's boat and got saturated.
I had a picnic by a lake.
I had a combined dress up Disney Party and went as Ariel from the little mermaid. i didn't think the outfit through. i was basically naked.
I did not tried Poutine.
I went rollerblading.
I went bike riding.
I had my first skateboarding stack and it sucked.
I went to a Caribbean Festival.
I went and saw Jurassic park in Stanley park.
I snuck into a 'Feed Me' gig at celebrities, a gay bar.
I drunk wine and smoked weed outside a festival in Stanley park that we thought was free but wasn't.
I met some wonderful people.
I dyed my hair red.
I felt unwanted.
I met up with Ash and remembered why she was my best friend in High School.
I met up with Dalex. twice.
I went to a Penthouse suite that over looked all of Vancouver.
I had a food fight with a stranger.
I learned to love Dark Chocolate.
I tried my very hardest to organise Jaymee's room. 
I realised how grateful i am for Jane and Zoe and how easy they are to live with. Roommates can be a bitch.
I co-shared a Kitten for 4 days, her name was Yoda and we had a love hate relationship.
I didnt find  a Falafel as good as San Fran. I have had one free one that was close but many disappointing ones.
I saw Vancouver rebuild its city after the riots.
I had some amazing meals and i actually tried foods i normally wouldn't.
I ate way too many Twix bars. You wouldn't believe how much caramel that put in the ones over here.
I enjoyed my time Maple Ridge.
I watched so many movies.
I got addicted to Jimmy Fallon.
i got  a henna tattoo of a seahorse.
I went to Pride.
I went to 2 house parties.
I played tug-o-war on a beach.
I saw the last Harry Potter.
I went to Victoria. twice
I went long boarding at 2am and stacked. people saw it happen. it sucked.
 I packed Jame's room so she could move.
I was Party Darth.
I was the English Maid.
I became Awesome Tracey after cleaning up a house after a party for people i had never met before.
I watched jaws in the park.
I house sat. twice
I was the cheshire cat in Whistler and i was accompanied by Stitch 
I helped Jaymee move.
I fell in love with about 8 boys but not all in the pants way.
I gave into something that took me 4 years to do.
I ate so much popcorn. averaging about 4-5 times a week. Jame and I were a little obsessed.
I went to Banff and camped. 
I experienced Magic Fingers twice, with Heather… that sounds gross so get your head out of the gutter and look at the photos.
I didn't go on the gondola at Whistler. for the 2nd time.
I partied a little too hard in Whis.
I had 3 different boys make me breakfast and with out hesitation it was Logan's that was the best. Crepe with Raspberries wrapped inside, So good but to be fair Dalex's Cheese and tomato toastie wasn't far behind.
I realised that "Life is a highway" and you have to "ride it all night long"… thanks Tommy Cochrane.
I finally got to Lake Louise.
I got inspired.
I ate so much Sushi. an excessive amount of Sushi.
I never went to trivia.
I never went to Drag Queen Bingo.
I got high and not just with weed.
I missed my friends and family a lot.
I don't know how much money i came with but i know it was a lot more than i am leaving with.
i got towed around Lost Lake in a blow up boat that was slowly sinking.
I played the Game of Life and liked it.
I lost at the Game of life but didn't not complete my punishment. 20 push ups have not yet been done. Jaymee's 50 were.
I saw a Glacier.
I didn't see any bears.
I didn't see any Moose.
I went on another road trip.
I knitted a scarf.
I built a campfire and made s'mores.
I indulged in Hot Springs.
I hiked. 11km and 6 ams. i didn't complain as much as i thought i would.
I went to another tattoo parlour.
I played Snap.
I learnt how to play Jim rummy again and played it till 2 in the morning.
I watched jaymee play in a fountain because i didn't want to get my hair wet.

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