This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

and in conclusion

 Alright, so the last couple of days.
*Saw the Christ Redeemer and wasn't he epic. Placed on the highest mountain in Rio to celebrate the Independence Of the Brazilian People in 1922.
*went to the place where they do the hang gliding and the mountain they do it off is the tallest mountain that close to the coast in the world AND it looks like a boob- nipple and all!
* took photos at some look out, which was pretty spectacular, you could see everything including the Sugar loaf and Redeemer together which is the only place you can do that.
* Lapa and Santa Teresa. Lapa is the nightlife district, its where the people come to dance and Santa Teresa is the oldest town in Rio filled with artists and the like who are restoring the gorgeous old houses and making it a lovely place to live.
* blah blah blah

I would say that my highlight of Rio would be Santa Teresa and the Redeemer.
Santa Teresa because i wasnt expecting it and i would imagine if i were to live in Brazil then that is where i would go. The vibe and look of the place would be enough, the streets are filled with art, parties and good bars, the streets are made from coblestone and combined with the huge 3-4 story houses that are built in the cliffs and it makes it feel sacred or something, it also is home to  the only tram in Brazil (might have to check that, it could be Rio but all of Brazil sounds better) and it only costs like 40 cents to ride it.
The Redeemer because to me that is what i think of when i think of Rio, just like Sydney is the the Bridge or Paris to the tower and not only that, how the got it up the fucking mountain is beyond me, I imagine it would have taken a very long time.

Random things i learnt/notices about Rio De Janeiro.

Bad, Bad drivers. I will never complain about a Sydney driver again. Speeding, coasting between lanes and a general disregard for any other car/bus/ person are the rules apparently.

The people of Brazil, not matter what size or shape they are do not care and will squeeze into the smallest bikini/ speedos  they can get there hands on and good on them, when you come from Australia where its all about how skinny you are or buff or if you can see that chicks cellulite in the shorts she is wearing it is nice and refreshing to go to a place where nobody cares and they can do and dress however they feel.

Hardly anyone speaks english

Rio only has a few days of cold a year

The toilets flush anti-clockwise

It is not so dangerous after all. I went walking at nights by myself and i felt fine.
I guess it would depend on where you are staying however, i stayed in Leblon which is the richest part of Rio so you would imagine not a lot of crime is happening         but if you went around the favelas it would be a different story. 
A Favela is a town which is poor and has housing commission, they say not to go in those areas during the day so it would be best not to go at night either.

The landscape is so strange, there is all these un-inhabitable mountains everywhere and so close to the coast and some of the mountains look like you wouldn't be able to get anywhere near the base but they have somehow managed a road to the top.

I really enjoyed Rio but i would only come back with friends and stay in a room with less people, oh and also when i learn some Portuguese 

*** side note.
Just saw a metal head at the airport with hair 15cm longer than mine brushing his hair, this maybe a weird side not but i have never seen that before.
He actually has really lovely hair and he knows it ... he is swishing it all over the place. ha he totally just lost all his cred.

****see what happens when you are left to your own devices, you write crap like the above paragraph 

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