This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

Days 7-11

Just got back from a few days driving around the south Island.
Did many tourist things.. Milford Sound, Invercargill, Dunedin and went to  a whole bunch of towns that are too small and too hard to pronounce but it was such a good time. 
Milford was not so good, we had terrible weather and it was just a bunch of waterfalls and cliffs, I was more interested in the reason the Sound is there than the sound itself which isnt that interesting unless you have been there but i did get to sit in the Captains Chair on the boat so that was fun.
The following day we made it to Invercargill, which is a city at the very end of NZ, We got amazing weather and i had such a lovely day with my parents, going to places i have never been before all along the coast, it was beautiful.
On Wednesday we traveled to Dunedin to see my Uncle and his new (very young but very nice) wife, i was a bit weary going into dinner as my uncle is 58 and she has just turned 30- 2 years younger than his daughter BUT Kerry is lovely and they seem very happy so that is all I could want for them.
Then i returned late yesterday to realize that i have a few days left before the next part of my trip begins and I have a feeling that Monday is not going to be much fun, not only do i fly to Christchurch from Wanaka, Christchurch to Auckland to Santiago to Rio ALL in one day but i have to say goodbye to Mum and Dad and all the emotions i should have felt in Aus will be coming out then i imagine.
It is going to be really good for me but I may be a bit scared, which is normal but doesn't help me much.
I think i will do what i do best and not think about it.

Yes, that is what i will do

a gold sign in a tiny town

A cave at the very end of Milford, just before the sea.

The Chasm- hard to picture but a river that flows under this rock thing and makes a waterfall into this huge pit.. can't really describe it.

Mirror Lakes

The Coast of NZ

Monkey Island

Small Surfer town

My very time consuming and painful Daisy chain crown.

Riverton Horses

Invercargill Roses- Queens Park

Surat Bay- Sea Lion

Driving the Milford Sound Ship

making sure the coast is clear before my Nude run through a tunnel

The road to Milford

Invercargill Accomodation- Best name ever

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