This is Mine. This has now turned into my travel blog. sometime i may not make sense and you will just have to bare with me.. staring at a computer screen is a buzz kill. the photos will be mostly mine.

in 4 hours i will have been up for 22 hours straight! looks like my first night in rio will be an early one, i am sure my mother will be pleased.

It is surprising how much you can get done in a 10  hour 40 minute plane ride though.
The Fighter
Friends x2
The Big Bang Theroy x2
Couger town
and a 14 minute video on Rio.

Chilie's landscape is very strange, it looks scorching outside but it is only 18 degrees, the land is very dry and mountain -y and there is snow on the very tops of the peaks, i guess it is just weird how you assume what a country is like without having been there.

To Rio we ride.

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