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Rio- Day 2

I stress and stress but what for...?
Today was a great day.
didnt really get much sleep again but i moved to a bunk of the floor so it  was much easier to get around, so i am still pretty tired- all these stupid time zones are not doing me any good.
i found on a map last night a shopping mall near by so i headed there first.. my aim was money and i was successful!
did a bit of browsing but thought that the money would be better in my pocket and left but did take note of a store where i saw a very fetching skirt.
Down to the lagoon i go! 
Walked a fair way of the walk around, spotted the Redeemer once again, took my first photo of it and then headed back into the city to get to Copacabana, went down some side streets and even braved to take out the camera.
Arrived at Copacabana beach and nestled in there for a few hours for catch up on my tan and then made my slow way home, taking paths that i am unsure of but leading me to other spots i would not have seen and more than likely to return as my camera was low and i still didnt have a connector to charge it.
When i eventually got back after a good day of walking (4 hours or so) I asked reception if they could help me with this powerpoint predicament and they sent me back to the same shops i visited earlier and half an hour later i had my universal powerpoint in hand.

The people- could be nice, i am not sure as i cant understand a thing they say and vise versa but are willing to help even though they have no idea what i need.
The weather- hot but not too hot, the heat is different here- no humidity.
The Vibe- varies, in the main streets pretty standard, in the off beaten track streets , ok but some are a bit scary.
There are usually people roaming about trying to sell things but are not in your face about it and if you decline then dont hassle which is nice.
The views-

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